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Chemical Services

Glosses, colors, and highlights, oh my! Turn up your look with bold colors, natural glosses and glamorous accents of light. With these services, any hue you dream of can be reached. It’s always in season to look your very best!

Chemical Services Menu

*Please note that the following prices are just a starting point. Certain treatments and hair lengths may cost more to complete.

  • Direct Dye Lifter: $30
  • Custom Color Consultation: Free!
  • Eyebrow Tint: $20
  • Toning: $15
  • Gloss: $60
  • Single Color/Root Retouch: $60
  • Balayage (Partial): $100
  • Hairline Highlight: $40
  • Balayage (Full): $140
  • (1/4) Partial Highlight: $60
  • (1/2) Partial Highlight: $80
  • (3/4) Partial Highlight: $100
  • Full Highlight: $135
  • Color Correction: $120
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Texturizing Services

Need to change the texture of your hair? Enhance your look by adding a smoothing keratin service, or create some waves with a gentle solution. Anything can be done! Book a consultation to learn about our texturizing services!

Texturizing Menu

*Please note that the following prices are just a starting point. Certain treatments and hair lengths may cost more to complete.

  • Permanent Waving: $75
  • Relaxer: $100
  • Keratin Express: $180
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment: $250
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Hair Styling

Remember how long its been since your last haircut? Do you need a blowout before a day of events? Think that you can cut your bangs by yourself? No you can’t! Come in and see me for a fresh new look or a touch up.

Hair Styling Menu
  • Hair Cut Consultation: Free!
  • Haircut and Blow Dry: $60
  • Haircut Only: $50
  • Bang Trim: $10
  • Youth Haircut (13 & Under): $40
  • Dry Style: $40
  • Blowout/Set: $50
  • Blowout with Chemical Service: $50
  • Special Occasion: $65
  • Bridal Hair: $120
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Have longer hair now!
I offer many solutions: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair lengthening or volumizing options. All with 100% human hair. Book a consultation for more details!

Extensions Menu
  • Semi-Pemanent: $35
  • Permanent: $450
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Men's Services

Every man should receive a service that is customized for his needs. I have the best grooming techniques to achieve the style you want. All services include hot face towels and razor finishes.

Men's Services Menu
  • Haircut/Beard Trim Combo: $60
  • Neck Line Cleanup: $10
  • Men’s Haircut: $50
  • Beard Trim: $20
  • Beard Exfoliation: $20
  • Beard Tamer: $40
  • Men’s Shave: $40
  • Brow Wax: $10
  • Nostril Waxing: $20
  • Ear Waxing: $20
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Conditioning Treatments

Is your hair mad at you?
Treat it to a custom blended moisturizer or choose from two world class hair restoration solutions. Any issues your hair has, I have an answer for!

Conditioning Menu
  • Long Hair Therapy: $10
  • Keune Miracle Hair Therapy: $30
  • Malibu Wellness Detox & Therapy: $50
  • Bio-Nutritive Mask: $30
  • Custom Hair & Scalp Treatment: $30
  • Olaplex Mini-Treatment: $5
  • Olaplex Addition: $30
  • Olaplex Treatment: $60
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Waxing Services

Get rid of any unsightly hair growth on your face easily and quickly. I use a gentle warm wax and soothing agents for the best experience. Book just waxing or with a hair appointment.

Waxing Services Menu
  • Brow Contouring: $15
  • Lip Wax: $15
  • Face Wax: $40
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In my many years of salon work, I have garnered the ability to relate to my client and their unique needs. Now, I am creating an individual experience- crafted with art, science and love. – Gastón

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